Conference Application Process

Application Steps

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What are the steps to apply for this conference?

GoldenCRI holds international strategic leadership conferences three times a year (January, June, and September). To participate in any of these conferences, please follow the steps below:

  1. Review benefits of the conference and other details on the main menu.

  2. Complete "conference registration form” (available on the main menu).

  3. Click “payment options” on our website and choose a method of payment that best for you. There are five payment options and all the options are of equal value.

  4. After payment, please complete “payment confirmation report”. The link for this report is available under “Payment options” on the main menu.

  5. Your official letter of invitation and receipt will be sent through your email on file within three business days after payment confirmation.

  6. If you reside in United States, please skip items (g) – (j) and continue reading from item (k).

  7. If you are overseas, your name will be added to our ongoing list of paid participants, who will be applying for US visas. This list, which is updated every 48 hours, is published on our secured platform and is available to US embassies in applicants' respective countries. The list is for visa-related purposes only and applicants can view the link on their letters of invitation under the section "Note to US Embassy".

  8. After completing items (a) to (e), overseas candidates should fill out US non-immigrant visa application and follow instructions as listed on this US visa application form.

  9. Prepare for and attend your visa interview.

  10. Attendees should book hotel accommodation by contacting the hotel directly. You could access Hilton Garden hotel and other Washington area hotels through links provided on the main menu.

  11. Complete arrival confirmation report on our website (starting 14 days before the conference).

  12. CREATE login username and password, if you plan to access research library. See a separate section on this below.

  13. DIGITAL ACCESS: If you plan to attend this conference online through our digital access, please complete items (a) -(e), and then send an email request for digital credentials. A candidate who receives authorization to attend the conference online will no longer be eligible to attend physically.

  14. Please arrive on time at every conference events.

    NOTE: GoldenCRI is center for strategic leadership development. We are not visa agents and we do not process visa applications for any candidates. This is the responsibility of every participant. If you have questions about visa processes, please visit the US embassy website in your country at: