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General Instruction

Golden Center for Research and Innovation (GoldenCRI) conducts strategic leadership conferences three time each year. Candidates for these leadership conferences should generally have experiences in either private, public, non-profit, governmental, non-governmental organizations, or academic institutions. It is important that candidates clearly articulate what they do and fully describe this high-level, professional strategic leadership conference each time they have opportunity to talk about the conference. Our conferences are delivered by US-based professors and high level industry experts. Please review the notes below.

Strategy for sustainable competitive advantage

The goal of this session is to help organizational leaders in scanning their economic regions to determine the strength of their competitions and design the required strategies for vertical or horizontal expansions. This will also help leaders focus on their respective markets, while reviewing the appropriate business level strategies that could better advance their goals such as focused-differentiation or broad-differentiation strategies.

Other benefits include:

a) Research presentations on strategic decision making processes.

b) Use of decision matrices in documenting critical decision analysis.

c) Creating product roadmap that documents high-level release milestones and features for the clients across multiple years.

d) Stirring strategic leadership objectives towards achieving innovation for development of sustainable competitive advantages.

e) Facilitating sessions to capture the clients' short-term and long-term strategic vision.

Business ethics:

This helps leaders build better knowledge about various schools of thought on ethical principles and ethical leadership. Presentations will be on accounting ethics, general business ethics, and ethical leadership. Participants will learn various approaches to resolving ethical dilemmas in workplace and in business decisions.

SWOT analysis:

The focus will be on analyzing strengths and weaknesses of both small and large businesses with examples drawn from developed and developing economies.

Other presentations:

i) Analysis of various business policies by university professors.

ii) Effectiveness of peer mentoring (in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations), a research by team of professors from Strayer University in the US, and many others.

Consultation on sustainable competitive strategies:

In addition, GoldenCRI provides free 12-month consultation on sustainable competitive strategies to all registered participants who make full payments to attend any of our conferences. These benefits will improve leadership effectiveness and participants’ abilities to focus on measurable outcomes in their respective industries.

 Note: Participants are responsible for reserving hotels of their choices. GoldenCRI does not have any preferences and is not responsible for hotel policies.


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