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Fee Schedule

*Washington Conference Registration Fee: ........................... $395.00

Late Registration Fee (See conference deadlines)................... $50.00

*GoldenCRI's conference fee is valid for 12-calendar months and could be used to attend either the January, June, or September conference (physically in Washington, DC or digitally live on our online platform). However, conference fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. For full policy, please read "Term of Service" on conference registration form.

Payment options

Please review the options below and select a payment that is most appropriate for you.


Once payment has been made using any of our payment methods, you should return to this page and click PAYMENT CONFIRMATION REPORT. This will allow you to submit your payment receipt number and other details online.

1. Payment at Bank of America Branch - Available to participants who currently reside in the United States only

Please make cash deposit at any Bank of America branch. If writing a check, make your check payable to GoldenCRI and mail check to our office address below. Checks must be drawn on US bank and in US dollars only. Letters of invitation will be issued after check has cleared.

6 Birkenhead Ct., Suite B
Owings Mills, MD 21117
United States

NOTE: EMAIL YOUR RECEIPT to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the name of the canditate written on your email. Also, please complete "Payment Confirmation Report" on our website after this payment.

2. Credit Card Payment (Available to participants from the United States of America ONLY)

NOTE: Please read the following credit card rules carefully as we only accept credit card payments from attendees resident in the US.

a)  Credit cards must be in the name of conference attendees. We can only issue invitation letters in the names of card owners. No exception!

b) We ONLY accept credit cards from candidates who reside in the United States. For these candidates, your credit card receipt, with a valid ID (driver's license or state issued ID) will serve as your conference pass. Name on ID must match credit card used. No additional letter of invitation will be issued nor  required.

c) Credit card is not acceptable for payment for any candidate who resides outside the United States. This includes (but not limited to) any candidate with US address, who requires invitation to be sent overseas. Such candidate(s) must make payments directly to Bank of America.

To make credit card or PayPal payment (after reviewing the above note), please select the appropriate payment option and follow the online instructions. Write your full name in the "special note" area of the payment. Then, click “Add to Cart”. For participants who do not have PayPal account, please click “Don’t have PayPal account" or "Check Out” from the subsequent page and enter your credit card information in this secured platform.

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Conference attendee's name:

3. Bank to Bank Wire Transfer or Bank Direct Deposit (Available to all participants)

If you prefer to make bank to bank transfer, please contact your bank and take the following steps:
a) Ask your bank for the cost of international wire transfer.
b) Add the wire transfer fee to the conference fees of $395.
c) Pay your bank the conference fee and the wire transfer fee (wire transfer fee is separate from conference fee of $395).
Transfer should be sent to:

Bank: Bank of America
Account Name: GoldenCRI
Wire Transfer Routing Number: 026009593
Account Number: 446039678290
(Email us if you need Bank of America's address)


4. Other payment options

a) ZELLE:  US Bank to Bank Transfer

Candidates are allowed to use ZELLE (US inter-bank transfer). Our phone number, 410-781-8254 (GoldenCRI) is our account number for ZELLE transfer.

Once a payment by transfer through ZELLE has been completed, email your transfer confirmation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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