Terms of Service

Terms of Service/Contract

1). GoldenCRI will provide registered conference participants with letters of invitation to our conferences. These letters will be addressed directly to the individuals and the letters will be valid for presentation at respective US Embassies overseas. GoldenCRI is not a visa agent and does not engage the services of any visa agents. Individual potential conference participant must complete our registration procedures and apply to the US Embassy for visa. We update official list of participants periodically and forward the list to US Embassies in all countries of residence of participants. Visa approval or denial is solely the responsibility of the US Embassy.

2). Applicants are responsible to make hotel reservation in the city of the conference.  Hotels have their own rules and candidates are advised to read hotel details and call hotel staff members directly to review applicable rules.

3) GoldenCRI draws up its agendas based on its designs and plans. GoldenCRI reserves the right to change agenda of any conference without notice. Agenda includes presenters, topics of presentation, and times (including length) of presentations.

4) Venues of conferences are determined exclusively by GoldenCRI, in advance of a particular conference. GoldenCRI reserves the exclusive right to change venue of a conference without prior notices. Venues are posted on our website and candidates are  hereby directed to visit our website for updates from time to time. Candidates shall be informed through a notice on our website, should a change of venue occur.

5) Website updates: GoldenCRI reserves the right to update its website without any prior notices. Interested candidates must visit our website constantly for any updates and improvements.

6). Refund policy:

Conference fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person(s). However, registration fees are good for 24 calendar months from the date of payment. During this period, a candidate could use his/her fee to attend any of our conferences. If a candidate is unable to attend a particular conference for any reasons, we will issue an invitation to the candidate for another scheduled conference at no extra fees within the 24-month period. Candidates may also choose to attend any of our conferences online. Such candidates should request digital access by email no later than three (3) days to the conference they wish to attend. Online conference occurs synchronously with physical conference. Conference registration payment for a particular candidate can not be transferred to another candidate.

Please visit http://www.goldencri.com for additional details. We advise that candidates start visa application processes well in advance of their desired conference(s). GoldenCRI is not responsible for granting or denying visa applications. *See frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the main menu for additional details.

7). Weather, Health, or Other Regional/Global Emergencies:

GoldenCRI is indemnified from any unforeseen circumstances relating to weather, health pandemics, international travel bans, flight cancellations, failure to receive visa, regional or global emergencies, or any other emergencies in the United States or any other country or countries, that may prevent attendance at, or holding of the conference. In the event of weather emergencies on the day or during the period of the conference in the United States of America, in any other countries of the world, or in the Washington - Baltimore metropolitan area, please visit our website at www.goldencri.com or call our office at +1-410-781-8254 for clarifications and for any rescheduling plans. Always leave a voicemail, in case our office assistant is busy assisting other participants or unavailable.

8). For further information or clarifications, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We could also be reached at +1-410-781-8254 from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday, US Eastern Standard Time.